21 September 2017

Smoky Chorizo Salmon / Salmão com Chouriço e Tomates.

So, Summer is officially over and as a good bye to this Summer homegrown sweet tomatoes, here is another recipe from Jamie Oliver "5 ingredients - Quick & Easy Food".
In this recipe, the tomatoes are combined with crispy skin salmon, smoky chorizo and olives. A fantastic combination, full of Mediterranean flavours.
If you still have some nice and sweet tomatoes left, give this recipe a try because it's truly delicious.

19 September 2017

Focaccia with Burrata, Prosciutto and Rocket / Focaccia com queijo Burrata, Presunto e Rúcula.

Beautiful and absolutely delicious Focaccia for Deborah's and her Rainydaybites Cook Book Club.
The chosen book for September is, as I wrote here, Brian Hart Hoffman "Bake from Scratch" and apart from the monthly recipe challenges, I honestly can't decide what to bake because everything looks so good, that I just want to cook my way throughout the book...
One thing is for sure, this Focaccia was the first recipe I marked down to try as soon as I had a flick through the book and my instinct was right because it's the most delicious Focaccia I made until today.
Easy peasy to make, crispy on the outside, fluffy and perfectly structured on the inside and a superb array of ingredients on top...
Just Perfect!!

17 September 2017

Citrus Cake with Citrus Frosting and Candied Oranges and Lemons / Bolo de Citrinos com frosting de Citrinos e Laranjas e Limões Confitados.

After being unable to take part on Deborah's Rainydaybites Cook Book Club for the last two months, this month I couldn't miss it at all. Specially being this month chosen book, a baking book.
The book Deborah choose for September is the Brian Hart Hoffman "Bake from Scratch" book. A book full of mouthwatering cakes, cookies, breads, sweet breads and a lot more.
As the first recipe challenge, Deborah chose this citrus cake and, although here at home everybody else are chocolate lovers, me, I'm the total crazy citrus lover and so, this cake was right up to my taste.
I have to say that even the chocolate lovers of the house loved it and the cake went down a storm with all of them so, success!!
The original cake is a 4 layers cake and the frosting is made with cream cheese. I halved the recipe and made a 2 layers cake and used mascarpone cheese to make the cake.
I'm leaving you the original and complete recipe but, feel free to halve it as I did.

15 September 2017

Fruit Salad Tart / Tarte de Salada de Fruta.

Limoncello and Linen Water by Tessa Kiros, was the very first book I bought from this amazing author and that's the book that made me fall in love with Tessa's books.
I have to say that now I have all Tessa Kiros books but, Limoncello and Linen Water will always be my favourite book.
A fantastically well designed book, full of mouthwatering recipes, images to die for and pages and pages full of recipes, tips, words of wisdom and memories.
A few weeks ago I made this fabulous tart that was a true success and put lots of smiles on everybody's faces.
The tart case is more a biscuity case rather than a pastry and it melts in your mouth. As for the filling, lots and lots of fruit which is always a crowd pleaser.
I used blackberries, raspberries, blueberries and yellow and white nectarines but you can use any fruit you want because it will always be a guaranteed success.

12 September 2017

Thai Red Chicken Soup / Sopa de Frango com Caril Vermelho Tailandês.

Here it is, another Jamie Oliver, "5 Ingredients - Quick & Easy Food" recipe.
A fabulous Thai red soup with poached chicken, that made the delights of the family on a coolish Scottish day.
Easy and simple, like all the recipes in this book (as I wrote here), this recipe is a "must try" one!

10 September 2017

Chocolate & Rye Cookies / Cookies de Chocolate e Centeio.

"5 Ingredients Quick and Easy Food" is the title of Jamie Oliver new book.
The name says it all and I'm really enjoying trying the recipes from this book.
A surprisingly fantastic book, full of clever combinations and quick and easy recipes to make, specially for the busy weekdays.
Maximum flavour from a small amount of ingredients, little clever tricks and combinations is what you get from every single recipe.
This is the first one I'm sharing here one the blog but I've already tried a good amount of them and I'll share them with you as soon as I can.
Honestly, after the holidays, it's being difficult to restart the routine of posting and visiting blogs but, I'll get there. I just need to get rid of the laziness that took over and organize myself and my time a bit better.
Saying that, here are these cookies that I made for my kids a few days ago and that are healthier than the usual ones and also very delicious.

7 September 2017

Tomato and Red Pepper Soup / Sopa de Tomate e Pimento Vermelho.

This fabulous and very flavoursome soup is perfect for these (already), chilling Scottish days.
As I'm a soup lover, as soon as I saw this recipe on Kimberly's, The Little Plantation blog, I had to make it straightaway.
I adapted the cooking method by roasting all the vegetables in the oven with the olive oil, freshly ground black pepper and the paprika, adding the vegetable stock when blending the soup. However, if you want to follow the original method, you can find the original recipe here.
I served my soup with a dollop of crème fraîche (not vegan of course, but you can opt for a vegan topping as Kimberly did, or nothing at all), and a scatter of Furikake, which is a sesame seed seasoning.
Hope you give this soup a try because it's absolutely fantastic.

2 September 2017

Crispy Chicken, Curried Spelt Salad and Raita / Frango assado, com Salada de Espelta de Caril e molho Raita.

This is a fabulous recipe that I made a couple of weeks ago and that was very delicious.
Actually, the spelt salad was a delightful surprise and I highly recommend it and if you leave out the chicken, this can easily be transformed onto a vegetarian or vegan meal.
I used Sandra curry powder mixture in this recipe. A homemade mixture that is so so fantastic, that since Sandra offered me a jar of her curry powder for the first time, I never went back to shop bought curry powder again.
Sandra loves her spices and all the spice mixtures she makes are amazing. I've already told her that she could be rich and famous selling her spices because she really is a "Spice Queen"!
This recipe is from Tom Kitchin new book "Meat & Game". About Chef Tom Kitchin, I've already told you here how much I love this Chef!
As for the book, the name says it all. A book full of very mouthwatering meat and game recipes and this one was the very first one I tried and we all loved it.

31 August 2017

Spatchcocked Poussin with Romesco Sauce / Franguinho grelhado com molho Romesco.

Romesco is a nut and red pepper based sauce that originated from Tarragona, Catalonia, in Northeastern Spain. The fishermen in this area made this sauce to eat with fish but it also can be served with meat.
The original recipe - another one from Omar Allibhoy book "Spanish Made Simple" - calls for quail but I decided to make it with spatchcocked poussin.
As soon as I saw this recipe, it caught my attention straightaway because I'm still dreaming about the marvelous romesco sauce that I add with Manuela last month in Lisbon, when we had lunch at the Watt, the new restaurant by the Portuguese Chef Kiko Martins.
This is the last suggestion of the month and it's going straight to Marta's table and her "ingredient of the month", the peppers.

29 August 2017

Lamb's Lettuce, roasted Red Pepper, Olives and Tuna Salad / Salada de Canónigos, Pimento Vermelho assado, Azeitonas e Atum.

I don't know if I have already told you but I don't like canned tuna. Actually, now I should say, I didn't like canned tuna...
Yes, I changed my mind and got converted to canned tuna by Manuela who offered me two cans of the fantastic Santa Catarina canned tuna from Azores.
Manuela said that after I tried that tuna I'd be converted and I really did because is an outstanding tuna and very high quality.
This salad was prepared for Marta and her "ingredient of the month" which is, as I wrote here, the peppers!
The suggestion is from Omar Allibhoy gorgeous book "Spanish Made Simple" and although simple to put together, it's very, very delicious.

27 August 2017

Grilled Lamb Chops with Red Pepper Relish / Costeletas de Borrego grelhadas com Relish de Pimento Vermelho.

Peppers are the ingredient that Marta chose for August and therefore, this week it will be all about the peppers here on the blog.
As you all know, I love Marta's "Ingredient of the month" challenge. Last month I couldn't participate because of the holidays but this month I can't miss it!
Actually, I love peppers so, it's a real pleasure to cook with this amazing ingredient.
I served this relish with a leafy salad and fabulous grilled lamb chops but you can serve it with other side dishes or other kind of meat or even fish.

23 August 2017

Vegan Beetroot & Beans Burgers / Hamburgeres vegan de Beterraba e Feijão Preto.

These burgers are just my favourite vegan burgers of all times.
Since Kimberly published the recipe on her gorgeous "The Little Plantation" blog, I've already made them countless times.
I adore these burgers and my daughter adores them too and loves to take them for school in her pack lunch. I could give her one of these burgers a day and she'd be super happy.
I'm just posting the recipe in Portuguese (below) as, there's no point on publishing the English version of it when it is very well explained and detailed here, at Kimberly's blog.
Give these burgers a try and you'll love Kimberly forever :)).