18 June 2018

Celebrating Life Cycles with Thatchers Family Reserve.

This really was one of those moments that you'll always remember.

It was September 6th 2017 and my dear friend Scott, had just finished a three year course at Warwick University.

No sooner had him received his certificate than he was packing his rucksack and taking a final look at his bedroom before heading downstairs to a living room full of his closest friends and family. He was about to embark on the most courageous journey of his life. Flying 10,000 miles to another continent, to work and travel for a year in Australia.

It was time to find himself, as the cliché goes, and what better way to do it than to head to the other side of the world all on his own?

That day, his mum handed out about 20 bottles of Thatchers Cider. With a drink in hand we all toasted to his health and luck, a few tears rolling as he sipped his drink, said his long goodbyes and headed for the airport.

Almost one year later, a little more tanned, a little more laid back, at little bit more wine filled and rich in restaurant experiences he touched back down to a slightly cloudy but sunny British Spring, opened the garden gate for the first time in a bit less than a year and saw the same friends and family gathered and waiting for him.

His mother turned around and beam at him. This time, a bottle of the fabulous Somerset Thatchers Family Reserve English Sparkling Apple Wine in one hand and two fresh glasses in the other, as a Welcome home. She poured around 20 glasses of Thatchers Family Reserve and handed them around with him, from a silver coloured platter.

This classic Cuvée, made with the first gently pressed juice of the Katy apples is used to create this dry, subtle sparkling apple wine. When celebrations come full circle, Thatchers is there to help the world go round.

Thatchers Family Reserve rediscovers the recipe for “Champagne Cider” originally crafted by Thatchers founder, William Thatcher in the early 1900s. Today, Thatchers has taken William’s sparkling apple wine recipe to create this delicate, elegant fizz, that is just perfect for special occasions and celebrations. With light golden hues, gentle fine bubbles, and a great combination of intensity, delicacy and length, Thatchers Family Reserve is a fantastic alternative to sparkling wine and Champagne for those who love something special and really love to celebrate these special moments!

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